Himalaya Tentex Royal Capsule & Tablet Uses, Benefits, Side Effects & Price

By | November 15, 2020

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What is Himalaya Tentex Royal Capsule & Tablet?

Himalaya Tentex Royal is an Ayurvedic medicine made by the Himalayan drug company. Himalaya Tentex royal is a well-known drug for increasing men’s sex strength.

The use of this drug gives a very good benefit in problems such as lack of sexual arousal and erectile dysfunctions due to increasing age in men.

In today’s time, the mental stress of a person increases due to the increasing workload or other reasons, which directly affects the sex life of the person.

Due to mental stress and increasing age, the sexual desire of the person is reduced as well as problems such as lack of stress in the penis, also known as erectile dysfunctions.

In addition, the person also suffers from premature ejaculation, i.e., early discharge. In these circumstances, the Himalayan Tentex Royal is an excellent choice.

Apart from all this, the Himalayan tentex also gives a very good result in a problem like royal spermatozoa. For hereditary reasons or for any other reason, if the number of sperm in semen is reduced or becomes absolutely blue, it is beneficial to use the Himalayan Tentex fort even in such a situation.

Although there are many herbs in the Himalayan Tentex Royal, the two main herbs of this medicine are Gokshura and Kokilax.

Gokshura, also known as bunions, is an aphrodisiac herb that naturally increases testosteron levels in men. Testosteron is the only reason why men have problems such as erectile dysfunction, impotence and lack of libido.

In addition to Gokshura, the second main herb Kokilax is present at The Tentex Royal. It is also going to enhance the aphrodisiac and immune power. The Himalaya Tentex is thus an excellent medicine for the royal men’s sex libido.

Ingredients of Himalaya Tentex Royal

Kokilaksha – Asteracantha Longifolia 145 mg
Vatada – Prunus Amygdalus 126 mg
Sunishannaka – Blepharis Edulis 115 mg
Kesar (Saffron) – Crocus Sativus 14 mg
Gokshura – Tribulus Terrestris 100 mg
Processed In:
Musli – Curculigo Orchioides Q.S.
Nagavalli – Piper Betle Q.S.

Medicinal Uses of Himalaya Tentex Royal

  1. Androgenic
  2. Aphrodisiac
  3. Antioxidant
  4. Spermatogenesis promoter
  5. Libido Booster
  6. Antioxidant
  7. Anxiolytic
  8. Antidepressant

Advantages of Himalaya Tentex Royal

As we told you that the Himalayan Tentex is used as the best medicine in sexual problems caused by the growing age of  men, Iye knows what the benefits of this drug are.

Low Libido

The best advantage of The Himalayan Tentex Royal is in addressing the lack of libido caused by mental stress due to the growing age or being too busy.

In today’s time, our life has become very busy and our diet is no longer good, and the growing age is also one of the main causes of hormone deficiency like testosteron in the body. Consuming The Himalayan Tentex Royal increases the level of testosteron which gives a very good advantage in the decrease in libido.

To improve sexual performance

The elements present in the Himalayan Tentex Royal relieve the unwanted stress present in the person’s brain, which gives a man the benefit of anxiety about fear and performance that arises in mind while making a relationship. Using this drug keeps a man absolutely free mind while having sex and succeeds in performing better.

Beneficial in erectile dysfunctions (loosening of penis)

The Himalayan Tentex Royal contains herbs such as Gokshura, Musli and Kokiksha, which increase the level of testosteron as well as increase the flow of blood into the penis, which causes comfort in the looseness of the penis due to growing age or any other reason. The use of this medicine keeps the penis very strict and taut, which is very essential for better sexual relations.

Beneficial in spermatozoa

If the sperm content in semen has decreased or is completely exhausted for hereditary or any other reason, a very good profit has been seen from consuming the Himalayan Tentex Royal. The problem of spermatozoa or meager sperms has also seen benefits from the use of pushphwa juice.

Side Effects & Precautions of Himalaya Tentex Royal

  • This medicine should not be consumed by young men under 18 years of age and a woman of any age.
  • It should be kept out of reach of children.
  • An overdose of this medicine should not be consumed.
  • Only the amount as directed by the doctor should be consumed.
  • If you are suffering from a serious disease, be sure to consult your doctor before consuming this medicine.

Intake Method & Quantity

One or two capsules of The Himalayan Tentex Royal can be taken twice a day with milk or fresh water. Use this medicine for a maximum of 6 weeks. Contact your doctor for more information

Where to Buy How to Buy

You can manga this medicine online from the link below or from your local medical store.

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