Himalaya Mentat Syrup Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

By | November 21, 2020

What is Himalaya Mantet Syrup? 

Himalayan Mantet Syrup is an ayurvedic medicine which is made by the Himalayan drug company. This medicine is avabilable without doctor’s prescription. This medicine is mainly used to treat mental illnesses.

Children who urinate in bed while sleeping at night can also consume this drug. In addition, the drug is successfully used in anxiety, mental fatigue, confusion, Alzheimer’s, perkisans, epilepsy, too much anger, irritability of temperament, lack of concentration, tongue and many other mental illnesses.

The herbs present in this medicine increase mental strength and concentration by eliminating mental stress. This drug can be used like a tonic for the brain.

Ingredients of Himalayan Mentat Syrup

constituent Contains 5 ml Syrup
Brahmi – Bakopa Mannari 144 mg
Mandukphylli (Gotu Cola) – Centella Asiatic 70 mg
Ashwagandha – Thanania Somnifiera 52 mg
VishnuKranti (Vishnukrant) – Avolvulus Alsinoides 52 mg
Jatamansi – Nardostsy Jatamansi 52 mg
Tagar – Valeriana Valichi 50 mg
Vividang – Embala Ribs 50 mg
Vatima (Vatda) – Prunus Amygdalus 50 mg
Skin – Acorus Calamus 42 mg
Amla – Emblica officinalis 36 mg
Haritaki – Terminalia Chebula 36 mg
Guduchi (Giloi) – Tinospora Cordifolia 36 mg
Jyomati (Malkangani) – Selastrus Paniculus 32 mg
Shynaca – Oroxilam signal 32 mg
kaikachhu 1.8 mg
Green Cardamom (ELA) – Alletaria Cardamom 1.8 mg
Arjun – Terminalia Arjun 1.8 mg
Phenyl (souff or centipede) – phonetic vulgare 1.8 mg
Vidya Kanda – Ipomia Digita 1.8 mg
Salabisri – Orkis Masula 1.8 mg
Dried ginger (Sunthi or Sondh) – Zingiber officinale 1.4 mg
Bibhatki – Terminalia Bellirica 1.4 mg
Jayphal – Miristica Fregrens 1.4 mg
Clove (Laung) – Sigium Aromatikam 1 mg

Medicinal Properties

Himalaya Mentat Syrup has followed medical properties.

  1. Neuro Protective
  2. anxiolytic
  3. Anti adaptogenic
  4. Antioxidant
  5. llelinister inhibitor
  6. dopaminergic neuroprotective
  7. Endogenous Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor

Remedial Signals

The following are the signs of the Mentat Syrup

Memory and learning disorders

  • Take note of the ups and downs
  • Concentration loss
  • Language and learning disability

Behavioral Disorders

  • Hyperconetic States
  • unwary behaviour
  • aggressive behaviour
  • Angry (Anger)
  • Anurisis (bed wetting)
  • ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


  • anxiety
  • Stress disorders
  • Mental fatigue
  • Ageing dementia
  • Alzheimer’s disease (as an adjunst)
  • Parkinson’s disease (as adjunst therapy)
  • Epilepsy (as adjunst therapy)
  • Post Stroke Aphasia (as adjunst therapy)

Benefits of Himalayan Mentat Syrup

This medicine is used in the following diseases:

  1. Memory Loss
  2. Parkinson’s Disease
  3. epilepsy
  4. Depression
  5. ADHD
  6. bed wetting
  7. mental retardation
  8. anxiety

Himalaya Mentat Syrup Dosage

As per doctor’s instructions

Side Effects of Himalaya Mentat Syrup 

As per the information known so far, There is no side effect of Himalaya Mentat Syrup.

Warnings about Himalaya Mentat Syrup

Is It Okay For Pregnant Women To Use Himalaya Mentat Syrup?

It is not known what effect Himalaya Mentat Syrup will have during the absence of research work.

Is It Okay To Use Himalaya Mentat Syrup For Breastfeeding Women?

In the absence of any research on side effects of Himalaya Mentat Syrup for breastfeeding women, information on side effects of Himalaya Mentat Syrup is not available. So, take it only on doctor’s advice.

How does Himalaya Mentat Syrup affect the stomach?

Himalaya Mentat Syrup does not have any harmful effects on the stomach.

Is It Okay For Children To Use Himalaya Mentat Syrup?

Himalaya Mentat Syrup does not have any harmful effects on children.

Is it right for alcohol users to use Himalaya Mentat Syrup?

It is difficult to say anything about the effect of Himalaya Mentat Syrup and alcohol. No research has been done on this.

Does Himalaya Mentat Syrup not make the body dull?

No, it is safe to drive or do other things after taking Himalaya Mentat Syrup, as you will not get a nap.

Does using Himalaya Mentat Syrup not make a habit?

No, there is no any use of Himalaya Mentat Syrup.

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