Advantages and Disadvantages of Himalaya Gasex Syrup & Tablet Himalaya Gasex Tablet & Syrup Uses in Hindi

By | November 16, 2020

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What is Himalaya Gasex Tablet?

Himalaya Gasex Tablet & Syrup is an Ayurvedic drug made by the Himalayan drug company which is mainly used successfully for stomach problems. Consuming this medicine mainly benefits the gas problem.

There is a pain of gas in the abdomen due to the formation of too much gas. When there is abdominal cramps and cramps, the Himalayan Gasex tablet gives a very good advantage in this situation. Triphala is present as the main medicine in The Himalayan Gasex Tablet and Syrup.

People who have eaten do not digest quickly and the gas remains in the abdomen all the time, which causes the head to remain heavy, does not mind doing some work, the gas causes the head to benefit a lot.

Himalayan Gasex Options

Himalaya Gasex is present in the form of tablets and syrups. You can opt for your option as per your doctor's advice.

Components of Himalayan Gasex Syrup & Tablets

There is a slight difference between the constituent substances of the Himalayan gossex syrup and tablet, which is as follows.

Components of Himalayan Gasex –
  • anti-vitra
  • cowrie ash
  • temporal ash
  • black pepper
  • widing
  • triphala
  • dry ginger
While the components of gasex are –
  • Cumin
  • tritu
  • mint plant
  • Fennel
  • cardamom spice
  • Celery
  • coriander plant and its seed
  • turmeric

Advantages of Himalaya Gasex Tablet & Syrup

Himalayan Gasex tablets and syrups are used in the following problems.

  1. stomach gas
  2. Abdominal cramps
  3. Gas pain
  4. Diseases of the digestive tract
  5. indigestion
  6. Sound of jaggery and jaggery in the abdomen
  7. sour belching
  8. Acid Reflux

Himalayan Gasex Syrup & Tablet Intake Method and Quantity

  • 2-2 tablets should be taken twice a day after eating if taking a tablet
  • Gasex syrup should be taken 2 teaspoons twice a day after eating

Precautions and side effects in the use of Himalayan Gasex Syrup and Tablet

Himalaya Gosex Tablet or Syrup is a very safe medicine you can use this medicine without any risk.

Where to buy? Where to Buy?

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